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Mike Ferguson, Intelligent Business Solutions


The Enterprise Data Marketplace — Shortening time to value in a data driven enterprise


One of the highest priorities in organisations today is to accelerate ability to deliver value. Many thought the answer was self-service data preparation. However, in many companies, this has resulted in chaos with different business units buying multiple data preparation tools, everyone integrating data, lots of re-invention and multiple inconsistent, untrusted versions of the same data being created. Time to value is therefore turning out to be much slower than expected, cost is high and trust in the data is also being questioned.  What companies want is rapid data preparation and reuse of trusted data assets to enable speed and agility. In order to do that companies are rethinking their data strategy to become data driven by creating an organised data lake, a standard data curation process and publishing ready-made trusted data assets as services in an enterprise data marketplace. The purpose is to make it is easy to find, access, share and reuse trusted data across the enterprise. This session looks at building an enterprise data marketplace and how it should function to maximise the value of data.

  • The problem of untrusted data

  • Rethinking data strategy – from data lake to enterprise data marketplace

  • What is an enterprise data marketplace?

  • The requirement - Findable, accessible, reusable and trusted ready-made data products

  • What types of data and analytical products should be available in an enterprise data marketplace?

  • How should an enterprise data marketplace function?

  • What processes are needed to operate a data marketplace?

  • Roles - Data suppliers, data unifiers, data publishers and data consumers

  • Technology - The role of the information catalog, data virtualisation and metadata lineage in an enterprise data marketplace

  • Maximising reuse by integrating self-service BI tools, Data Science workbenches and self-service data preparation tools with the marketplace

  • Monetising data in a data marketplace – does blockchain have a role?

  • Impact on the enterprise – Shop windows on a data hub

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