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Public & Analyst Relations
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Experienced. Connected.

For 25 years, Humphrey Strategic Communications has provided trusted public relations, analyst relations and event management services to companies marketing enterprise-class business intelligence, data warehousing, data integration, advanced analytics, big data and other data-driven solutions.


Properly Positioned and Presented

Companies need to accurately and attractively package themselves for presentation to the media, analysts, investors and potential customers if you’re going to secure your rightful and successful place in the market.

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HSC Is Results-Driven

We don’t wait for opportunities to come our way, we make them happen. In this highly congested world of marketing communications, you can rely on HSC to deliver your message — in a clear and concise way — to key members of the press and analyst communities.

“For the past two decades, Scott and his team have been the premier public relations and analyst relations advisor, helping top emerging data-related software and solutions companies get noticed and notorious. During interactions with executives from these companies, it’s easy to see how well-prepared they are to speak with, present to, and demonstrate their solutions to us industry analysts.”

— Doug Laney, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner