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Len Silverston, Universal Data Models


What’s Most important: the human side of data


A key to any data effort is understanding the personal, cultural, and political environment, whether it is an effort in BI, analytics,  data warehousing, data governance, big data, data science, machine learning, or enterprise data management. The most successful data efforts usually share one thing in common: they developed and implemented effective strategies that provided fertile cultural, interpersonal, and political ground for success.

Most people in data integration efforts realize that the core issues are not technical – they are interpersonal. So how can we address them? This presentation will share principles and techniques that are essential to effectively providing effective data solutions. It will illustrate why some data efforts succeed and others fail and what skills are needed to help these efforts. This presentation will also provide exercises to practice these techniques and skills in order to better understand and utilize the powerful tools provided in this presentation.

Participants of this session will gain:

  • An understanding of political and cultural factors for which successful data teams need to be aware and prepared

  • Principles and techniques to enable success such as keys to understanding motivations, how to create a common vision, specific skills for developing trust, and frameworks for managing conflict.

  • Stories of how culture and politics either fostered or killed data efforts.

  • Interactive exercises to practice these skills

This presentation will be fun, interactive, informative, will share interesting case studies and will provide useful exercises to help us develop what is most important: wisdom regarding working with the human side of data.

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