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Jill Dyche, SAS Institute


Thought leadership: Competitive Differentiator or New drinking game?


Thought leadership has become a buzzy new trend, transcending tech circles and causing chatter in the C-suite.  “We need more thought leaders,” proclaim frustrated executives. “Let’s get some smart people in a room!”

But we’re ALL thought leaders! (Aren’t we?)

Jill Dyché has managed teams of thought leaders, and is now advising tech companies on how to deploy thought leadership. As a player-coach in thought leadership, she’ll share some on-the-ground experiences of why companies – especially technology vendors – are considering formalizing thought leadership teams. She’ll lay out some success metrics for such teams, discuss the work they do, and list factors that can help determine whether a company is truly ready to formalize a thought leadership organization, and what to consider before launching.

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