Meet the Experts

Claudia Imhoff, Intelligent Solutions


The Data Interpreter or How to Become THE Trusted Advisor to the C-Suite


There has been much attention given to the data scientist role in analytics but the real hero in a data-driven environment is the person or persons who can explain not only what the analytic results are but what they mean to the enterprise. A data interpreter is the storyteller for the executive suite of the company. He or she can translate technical analytical results and visualizations into meaningful business terms with the compelling story behind the algorithms and graphs. We know that every picture tells a story but not everyone can create the story behind the graph. These business-savvy storytellers vet the analytical results and bring them to life in captivating ways that leave the C-suite with a clear path forward and call to action.

Attendees will learn

·      Description and skill set of the data interpreter

·      Examples of data interpretation

·      Getting started as a data interpreter