Experienced Corporate Communications

Humphrey Strategic Communications is headed by Scott Humphrey, a seasoned corporate communications professional with more than 25 years experience working with data-driven solution providers — from automation and integration tools, middleware solutions, database management systems, development platforms, reporting and analysis solutions to data cleansing, data mining and big data products — and are proud of the work we have done on their behalf.

In addition, Humphrey Strategic Communications is the founder of the Pacific Northwest BI & Analytics Summit, an annual executive retreat that assembles the top industry experts, vendors and media to discuss the latest industry trends in beautiful southern Oregon.


Scott resides and works in the foothills of Oregon’s central Cascade Mountains, about 35 miles east of Salem. (All site photos taken by Judith O’Keefe).


Customer-focused Public & Analyst Relations

Humphrey Strategic Communications specializes in working with your key customers to become effective references for press opportunities as well as analyst research. We can provide case studies — both written and video format, media training, as well as securing speaking opportunities at leading conferences.

HSC can help you fully leverage your subscriptions to Gartner, Forrester, IDC and other research organizations, as well as introduce you to leading industry influencers and consultants. Want a CIO dinner organized or a product intro road show managed? We would be happy to share our past successes with you, and look forward to discussing what we can do for you.

We offer ...


• Customer case studies/videos
• Investor Relations
• Partner Relations
• Webcasts and Seminars

• Media Relations
• Analyst Relations
• Company/Product Launches
• Event Management
• Crisis Communications

In our industry as in too many others, Communications and PR is often the domain of generic marketers supported by a squad of agency interns. Scott, on the other hand, brings to his clients deep industry knowledge and wide connections, along with an imaginative approach. Working with Scott is nearly always top of my list of suggestions to emerging companies. Recommending Scott makes me look smart, because every time his contribution to their success has been outstanding.
— Donald Farmer, Principal, TreeHive Strategy


✩ Acta Technology (purchased by Business Objects)

✩ Ambeo

✩ Appsmart Software

✩ Armanta, Inc.

✩ AtScale

✩ Baseline Consulting (purchased by Dataflux)

✩ Centerboard

✩ Cirro, Inc.

✩ ClearStory Data

✩ Composite Software (purchased by Cisco Systems)

✩ dBASE 2000

✩ Finisar Network Tools

✩ Firstlogic, Inc. (purchased by Business Objects)

✩ InfoCentricity (purchased by FICO)


Past and Present


✩ Informix Software (purchased by IBM)


✩ Lyzasoft

✩ Magnifi

✩ NeoVista Software (purchased by Accrue)

✩ Network Appliance

✩ ParAccel (purchased by Actian)

✩ Predixion Software

✩ Starquest Software

✩  Statistica

✩  StrataVia


✩ Telcontar

✩ WhereScape

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“If you're a software vendor looking to outsource public or analyst relations, I would highly recommend the services of Scott Humphrey. I've worked with Scott in conjunction with past clients we had in common, so I can tell you from first-hand experience that he always handles his clients personally, and he clearly understands technical software products, their markets, and their special PR needs.”


Wayne Eckerson


“I have dealt with Scott Humphrey for many years as he has provided PR services to many innovative business intelligence and data warehousing vendors I have come in contact with. He is extremely professional, represents his clients well, and is a pleasure to work with.”

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William McKnight


“Scott understands the business intelligence space like no other PR person I have dealt with. He is a quick study of his clients, a key contributor to messaging and has a unique way of making effective communications to a variety of influential people in the business intelligence community. His attention to detail is second to none and he is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Scott to assist any mission critical business intelligence promotion efforts.”

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And Finally ... 

 Thoughts on Scott by Stephen Swoyer, Technology freelance writer

“Scott Humphrey is the very best PR person I know. (He’s also one of the very best persons I know, but that’s another matter.) Scott’s approach to PR combines professionalism, resourcefulness, advocacy, and integrity. This last is crucial. In my 20-plus years of IT journalism, I’ve often found myself at once loathing, pitying, and, yes, marveling at the poor pitiful PR person on the other end of the line: legends of the craft such as Ron Ziegler, Baghdad Bob, and Sean Spicer have nothing on some of the PR perps I’ve worked with. Scott is the outlier. He reliably acquits himself as a savvy, perspicacious, and pragmatic advocate for the brands he represents. Much like the mythologized E.F. Hutton – do the kids still talk about him? – when Scott rings, IT journalists listen. We listen because we respect Scott. We know he won’t waste our time. I’m not exactly making a Bayesian inference when I tell you Scott won’t waste your time, either. Although, speaking of Bayesian probability, Scott has taken a passel of vendor clients from start-up zeroes to established heroes, starting with long-ago up-and- comer Acta – I first met Scott in the period before Acta was acquired by SAP – to more recent successes such as Composite Software (acquired by Cisco), WhereScape (a leading player in a field that, with Scott’s help, it helped to define), ParAccel (acquired by Actian; Amazon also licensed its MPP database technology to power RedShift), Predixion (acquired by GE), and others. I’d add one more thing: it’s dangerous when a vendor starts drinking – i.e., uncritically accepting – its own Kool Aid. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. I can honestly say I’ve never seen it happen with one of Scott’s clients, however. Scott isn’t a yes-man or sycophant. It just isn’t in his nature. He gives his clients the straight dope, whether they want to hear it or not. He’s the one person in PR I’ve consistently recommended to start-ups, to up-and- comers, to hot (or, in Gartner-speak, “Cool”) vendors, and even to established players. He won’t necessarily transform your PR overnight, but it’s my Bayesian belief that he’ll make a big transformative difference.